Come to us for tire replacement in the Bethel, CT region

Having good tires tires should be one of your biggest priorities as a car owner. That's why making sure your tires are in good condition is one of our highest priorities.

Bethel Automotive offers tire replacement and tire alignment services. We can get the tires you need and install them the same day. If you just need them looked at, we'd be glad to do that for you.

Take good care of your tires. Make a tire service appointment at a local auto shop in the Bethel, CT area today.

Signs that you need tire services

Often times, your tires will show signs that it's time to visit an auto shop. Look for these issues:

  • Your car can't take corners as well as you used to.
  • Your tires are not evenly wearing down.
  • Your gas mileage is going down.
Whether your car needs tire replacement or tire alignment service, rely on our professionals to handle the work. Call us now to schedule the car service you need most.